Successful Implementation of MyChoiceCDx Test in Nordic countries  leading the way in establishing a collaboration with Myriad to conduct local testing

We are excited to share the results of a transformative study1 “Implementing MyChoice® CDx Homologous Recombination Deficiency (HRD) testing for the Nordics: lessons from 2021 to 2023” led by Lea Milling Korsholm and colleagues at the Center for Genomic Medicine, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital who utilized MyChoice® CDx testing to accommodate the need for a validated HRD platform for targeted treatment of ovarian cancer patients in the Nordic countries.

Study highlights

Efficacy: Over the course of two years, researchers conducted 1,948 tests across several Nordic countries, with Sweden and Denmark emerging as the top contributors.

  • The four main Nordic participants account for 98.8% of all MyChoice CDx test requisitions.
  • Especially hospitals in larger cities took advantage of the validated HRD test opportunity as recommended in guidelines.
  • During the study period, there was a noticeable increase in MyChoice CDx utilization from Nordic and neighboring countries

Efficiency: Despite the high volume, an average processing time of just 22 days was maintained.

Test performance: Conclusive samples consistently showed a higher mean tumor percentage compared to inconclusive ones. Ensuring an adequate tumor amount in the sample is essential for obtaining informative results. Sample age did not influence test performance.

For a detailed exploration of the study’s findings, please refer to the publication.

From study to practice: the center’s evolving role in genomic diagnostics​

Following the successful testing initiative, which was centrally performed in the United States, the Center for Genomic Medicine at Copenhagen University Hospital has broadened its diagnostic offering by setting up locally MyChoice Genomic Instability Score (GIS) testing* and become the ‘HRD Hub’ for the Nordic region.

*The safety and efficacy of BRCA1/2 analysis, as performed by the local laboratory, has not been assessed by Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc.

What is MyChoice CDx?

The test employed in the study was MyChoice CDx, that combines Myriad Genetics`  tumor BRCA1 and BRCA2 testing along with Genomic Instability Score for the most comprehensive HRD status assessment.

MyChoice CDx is the only HRD test prospectively validated with LoE1A in Phase III studies2,3,4 for use in first-line treatment of ovarian cancer and approved by the FDA as a companion diagnostic. Robust long-term data confirm MyChoice CDx testing improves survival in patients with newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer who receive first-line treatment.

Results are ready in 2-3 weeks to aid you in making informed treatment decisions in a timely manner for your patients.

How to access MyChoiceCDx

To explore the significance of a prospectively validated test, please check our MyChoice homepage.


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