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Your breast cancer, your journey

EndoPredict Breast Cancer Prognostic Test is a genomic test that helps guide important treatment decisions for your cancer journey.

What is your risk of breast cancer recurrence?

EndoPredict gives you accurate results to help answer key treatment questions

Your experience of breast cancer is personal to you, but Myriad Genetics believes your treatment should be too.

Not all breast cancers are the same and so they are treated in different ways. Some women with early-stage, estrogen receptor positive (ER+) and HER2 receptor negative (HER2-) breast cancer can be safely treated, after surgery, with just hormone therapy for 5 years, while other patients may benefit from also having chemotherapy.

Further along in your cancer journey, you may also need to decide with your doctor if long-term hormone therapy is right for you.

EndoPredict can help you and your doctor understand the nature of your breast cancer and predict what might happen in the future, depending on the type of treatment you choose. This makes it possible to personalize treatment to you.

Do I need chemotherapy for my breast cancer?

EndoPredict shows your individual risk of your breast cancer returning in the next 10 years if you have hormone therapy alone (without chemotherapy).1 It also provides the expected benefit from chemotherapy.2 Together with your doctor this information can be balanced against the expected side effects of chemotherapy.

This information will help you and your doctor make a safe, informed decision about your initial treatment and whether chemotherapy is right for you.

How long do you take hormone therapy for breast cancer?

EndoPredict shows your risk of your breast cancer returning in the 10 years after your first 5 years of hormone therapy.3

This can help you and your doctor decide if stopping hormone therapy after 5 years is an option for you. EndoPredict provides this information at the start, so you can make treatment decisions for the present and future.

How does EndoPredict work?

EndoPredict is a second generation test – this means it is the newest type of test available for predicting breast cancer recurrence.

Second generation tests combine your individual genomic fingerprint with traditional measurements, like tumor size and nodal status, to provide a more accurate assessment of your early and late recurrence risk.

Learn more about how EndoPredict works in our helpful video.

A concerned female doctor reviews a senior female patient's troubling test results.

Is EndoPredict right for you?

EndoPredict helps women with early-stage breast cancer which is:

  • Estrogen receptor positive (ER+)
  • HER2 receptor negative (HER2-)
  • Lymph node negative or node positive
  • Tumor grade 1-3
  • Tumor size pT1-pT3

EndoPredict is the only test of its kind which is available to both premenopausal AND postmenopausal women.

Ask your doctor for more information on EndoPredict and if Myriad Genetics can help you with your breast cancer. You can also learn more about how to compare breast cancer recurrence tests below.

Breast cancer recurrence stories

EndoPredict provides information that empowers you to take control of your cancer journey.

Listen to Julie’s story in the video and how EndoPredict helped her make her chemotherapy decision with her doctor.


  • How is EndoPredict different to other breast cancer prognostic tests?

    EndoPredict is different because it is more accurate than first generation tests and identifies more true low-risk patients than other second generation tests.5,6 EndoPredict is the only test that can predict breast cancer recurrence risk out to 15 years in ER+/HER2- tumors3 and, unlike other tests, provides a clear individual benefit from chemotherapy and risk estimate to guide treatment decisions now and in the future.

  • Is EndoPredict a genetic test like BRCA testing?

    No, EndoPredict is a genomic test which analyses your cancer for activity of certain genes that indicate how likely it is to grow and spread, helping you and your doctor to make safe treatment decisions. BRCA testing, which Myriad Genetics also offers, is a genetic test that indicates whether you have a mutation in a gene linked to a higher risk of breast cancer.

  • Can EndoPredict be used when lymph nodes are involved?

    Yes, EndoPredict can be used when lymph nodes are involved. In fact, EndoPredict gives the most accurate prognosis for node positive patients, guiding both early and long-term treatment planning.

  • How do you get tested with EndoPredict?

    EndoPredict uses a small sample of your cancer taken during your surgery or biopsy, which is then sent off to a laboratory for testing.

  • When will my treatment start?

    We understand you want to start your treatment as soon as possible, so it’s important to get a quick EndoPredict test result. Fortunately, your doctor will receive your result within a few days after the lab gets your tumor sample, giving you and your doctor more time to make the right treatment decisions.

  • Do you need to get tested more than once?

    No, you only need to be tested once with EndoPredict, and this result will help guide treatment decisions now and further along in your journey.

  • Where can you find out more information?

    For more information on Myriad Genetics’ genetic and genomic testing services, visit our website For more information on breast cancer in general, you can visit or

Download the EndoPredict brochure

Our EndoPredict patient brochure can be downloaded below if you would prefer to read a paper version.


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