What does the EndoPredict® report tell clinicians?

EndoPredict Breast Cancer Prognostic Test is a gene expression test that provides clear, actionable results for every eligible woman with ER positive/HER2 negative early-stage breast cancer.

Information for clinicians & pathologists

EndoPredict answers 3 key clinical questions

EndoPredict provides fast, easy to interpret results at the right time for clinicians and their breast cancer patients to make confident decisions. Each patient’s breast cancer recurrence risk is calculated using the EPclin Risk Score, which combines clinical and molecular factors for enhanced prognostic performance, supporting accurate decisions.1

EndoPredict is the only second generation test with a clear classification into low-risk and high-risk groups, and has a reliable cut-off value that has never changed.

Will adjuvant chemotherapy be needed?

What is her risk of recurrence at 10 years?

Will chemotherapy be of benefit?

Do the benefits of chemotherapy outweigh the risk of side-effects?

Can extended endocrine therapy be avoided?

What is her risk of recurrence at 15 years?

EndoPredict report pages

The EndoPredict test report makes it easy to interpret each patient’s risk of recurrence, providing actionable results and allowing you to make fast, safe decisions for your patient.

Click below to see an example report and what each page tells you.

EndoPredict_Interactive 1
EndoPredict_Interactive 2
EndoPredict_Interactive 3
EndoPredict_Interactive 4

If you are a patient, please speak to your doctor about how EndoPredict can help you or visit our patient homepage for more information.

If you are a pathologist looking for the EndoPredict report generator, please visit our pathologist page.

EndoPredict second generation test can be performed locally within a few days

EndoPredict Breast Cancer Prognostic Test is available to order by clinicians via numerous local labs in your country or outside of the EU also via Myriad Genetics’ central laboratory in Salt Lake City, USA.