MyRisk™ Hereditary Cancer Test

Knowing your patient’s hereditary cancer risk is critical when it comes to making treatment decisions. Blending both genetic test status and personal cancer family history, the MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Panel represents the next generation of hereditary cancer risk testing. MyRisk is here to help you determine the right treatment for your patients with a report including comprehensive results and a guideline-based Medical Management Tool.

MyRisk is a multigene panel test that can help to determine your patient’s cancer risk with a focus on eleven common cancers

Predicting disease

Gene mutations passed from parent to child can drastically raise the risk of disease, including many types of cancer. In fact, patients with certain rare hereditary cancer syndromes may have an up to 100 percent chance of getting certain types of cancer.

The ongoing discovery of genes involved in cancer allows us to test for cancer-causing mutations in these genes, which may increase cancer risk.

Take action

If your patient has a mutation that puts him/her at an increased risk of cancer, you can take action to help reduce the risk of cancer through increased surveillance, chemoprevention, prophylactic surgery and counseling about risk.

Identifying the potential risk of cancer is the first step in determining the best way to possibly delay, or even prevent, the development of certain cancers.

Who is MyRisk intended for?

MyRisk testing is for both women and men. If a patient has a personal or family history of cancer, hereditary cancer testing is the only way to determine if that patient has hereditary, familial or general population risk of developing a future cancer.

Individuals with familial or hereditary cancer risk have a much greater chance of developing cancer during their lifetime.

Clear Insight into risk, clear direction for patients

MyRisk blends genetic testing status and personal/family cancer history into clinically actionable risk assessment and follow-up. It provides specific medical management recommendations for patients who test positive or negative based on the guidelines of leading professional medical societies; and provides a test report that is simple, clear and easy to use.

MyRisk with RiskScore

The first and only genetic test to blend comprehensive assessment for hereditary cancer risk with the precision of genomic breast cancer risk assessment for patients of all ancestries.

RiskScore is clinically validated to predict a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer using clinical risk factors, family history and unique genetic, ancestry-informed breast cancer risk markers.