Inside Myriad

Our mission and purpose at Myriad Genetics is to advance health and well-being for all, empowering every individual by revealing the answers inside each of us. It is more relevant than ever, and we are committed to fulfilling it – working together to uncover new opportunities, make health more precise and personal, and push the frontiers of what’s possible. Our work has been guided by this mission throughout the Company’s history.

Myriad discovers and commercializes genetic tests that determine the risk of developing disease, assess the risk of disease progression, and guide treatment decisions across medical specialties where critical genetic insights can significantly improve patient care and lower healthcare costs.

Since 1991, Myriad has invested heavily in educating patients and healthcare professionals about the role genes play in disease. Millions of patients have already benefited from Myriad’s tests that empower individuals with vital genetic insights and enable healthcare providers to better detect, treat and prevent disease.

Today, Myriad continues this strong tradition. We are expanding our reach and increasing our impact on patient care by introducing new precision medicine tests for a growing number of diseases.

We also are focused on expanding internationally in an effort to broaden our geographic footprint and provide our life-saving products and services to patients and healthcare professionals around the world.