Why panel testing?

 myrisk-patient-circle-graphHereditary cancer panel testing optimizes patient care through increased clinical sensitivity (mutation detection). Testing a broader number of genes associated with multiple cancer risks increases clinical sensitivity. For example, many patients have personal and family history that may be explained by more than one syndrome. One patient may meet Lynch syndrome criteria and another may meet HBOC syndrome criteria. However, there are a significant number of patients that meet criteria for both Lynch and HBOC syndromes, among other risks.

Retrospective analysis of patients recorded at Myriad (2006-2013)
% of patients appropriate for HBOC testing also meet Lynch criteria 30% of patients appropriate for Lynch testing also meet HBOC criteria.


Myriad myRisk™ Hereditary Cancer increases mutation detection by 40-50% in patients appropriate for HBOC or Lynch testing.

The following case study illustrates a patient with a complex family history of cancer. A well designed hereditary cancer panel test will assess multiple genes with syndromic overlap, reducing the complexity of test selection so you can focus on optimizing medical management for your patient.


myrisk-cancer-relationships myrisk-personal-history

Relying on single syndrome testing, the cost and time taken for multiple tests may have reduced the possibility of identifying this patient’s mutation.

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