How Aggressive is My Disease?

Predicting Tumor Aggressiveness

No two cancers are the same, and it can be difficult to predict which tumors are slow-growing and which are growing quickly or which tumor is at an increased risk of recurrence.
Prognostic tests that look at the level of expression of specific  genes in tumors can give you and your healthcare professional additional information about the aggressiveness of your cancer, allowing you to make the most informed decision about your individual treatment plan.
Myriad’s EndoPredict® for breast cancer and Prolaris® for prostate cancer are an example of this type of test.


Prognostic tests such as EndoPredict® and Prolaris® can give you and your healthcare professionals accurate information about the aggressiveness of your particular cancer.

EndoPredict® measures the activity of  proliferation and hormone receptor related genes in breast tumors to assess the patient’s risk of tumor recurrence.

Prolaris® analyzes the expression of cell proliferation genes in prostate tumors to measure how fast the cells are dividing.


These tests can be used along with traditional clinical features of cancer progression to determine the risks associated with a patient’s disease, as well as personalize treatment decisions.*


In addition to EndoPredict® and Prolaris®, Myriad is currently investigating prognostic tests for predicting the aggressiveness of other types of cancer.


*Any discussion of medical management options is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation.  While genetic testing and medical society guidelines provide important and useful information, all medical management decisions should be made based on consultation between each patient and his or her healthcare professionals.


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