Management message

Raymond Francot, Executive Vice President, International Operations

Myriad Genetics is the pioneer and worldwide leader in molecular diagnostics, offering innovative products that transform patients’ lives. Our products include tests for hereditary cancer, urological and breast cancer prognosis, carrier screening, melanoma diagnosis, depression, and autoimmune disorders. Myriad has partnered with several leading pharmaceutical companies to provide companion diagnostics to identify patients who can benefit from new cancer therapies.

Originally founded in 1991 and still based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Myriad has spent the last twenty eight years investing in the education of patients and health care providers on the role genes play in hereditary cancers, cancer prognosis, and various major disease companion diagnostics.

Myriad is building on this strong tradition by extending our mission worldwide, in an effort to broaden the Company’s geographic footprint and provide critical information to more patients and healthcare providers.  Myriad tests are now available to patients in over 50 countries worldwide through our team of clinical support professionals and distributors. In addition to our manufacturing and product development laboratory in Cologne, the Company has set up its European headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and regional offices in France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Canada, Australia and Japan.