Message from Gary King, Executive Vice President, International Operations, Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Patients in Europe now have access to the most accurate and timely genetic testing available for hereditary cancers.  This is due to a leader in genetic testing, Myriad Genetics, efforts to expand internationally by opening a laboratory in Munich and building a team of clinical support professionals to serve European patients and healthcare providers.

Myriad is a leading molecular diagnostic company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is our mission to make a difference in patient’s lives through the discovery and commercialization of transformative tests to assess a persons risk of developing disease, guide treatment decisions and assess risk of disease progression and recurrence.   Originally founded in 1991, Myriad has spent the last twenty years investing in the education of patients and health care providers on the role genes play in hereditary breast, colon, endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic, and skin cancers.

Myriad is building on this strong tradition by extending our mission to Europe, in an effort to broaden the Company’s geographic footprint and provide critical information to more patients and healthcare providers.  We are proud to offer the BRACAnalysis® test for genetic predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer, Colaris® test for genetic predisposition to Lynch Syndrome, myRisk hereditary cancer panel, Prolaris test for prostate cancer prognosis and soon many other tests for determination of risk and progression of disease and in determining the proper choice of therapy. In addition to the laboratory in Munich, the Company has set up its European headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and regional offices in Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Italy and the UK.