Lab Accuracy

Part I: Sequencing and Data Review

Part II: Variant Interpretation

The Importance of Test Accuracy

Myriad’s Commitment to Patients and Providers

Myriad is committed to giving you the exceptional quality you and your patients deserve and have come to expect from our team of professionals.

Test Optimization and Lab Accuracy

Ensures you are getting accurate results for optimal patient management.

Myriad used our experience with over a million patients tested to further optimize Myriad myRisk™ testing with next generation sequencing (NGS). NGS allows for rapid sequencing of multiple genes concurrently. In the largest validation study of its kind, Myriad estimated analytical sensitivity of greater than 99.92% with 100% concordance on NGS/Sanger parallel sequencing in all genes in the Myriad myRisk panel and 100% concordance on large rearrangement validation. Myriad myRisk’s gold standard NGS technology serves as only one part of the many steps that Myriad pursues to ensure the highest quality and sensitivity for every sample that is submitted. The following cycle shows the extensive laboratory process from DNA extraction and sequencing to laboratory director approved reports.



Waiting for results can increase patient anxiety and delay your medical decisions. Myriad believes optimal patient care should include a rapid turnaround-time for test results. Myriad myRisk provides an average turnaround-time of 2-3 weeks.


Myriad’s myVision™ variant classification model is the industry gold standard in variant classification.