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Over 20 years, Myriad has conducted over 1.3 million genetic tests for hereditary cancer. Myriad is the unquestioned industry leader in variant classification and reclassification. myVision™ is the most advanced program in the industry overseeing the classification and reclassification of uncertain variants and is part of Myriad’s commitment to patients and their families that lasts a lifetime.

Variation in human genes is enormous, with new genetic changes discovered every day. That’s why variants of uncertain significance (VUS) are expected in genetic testing. For a patient who undergoes genetic testing, a VUS result can be confusing; for healthcare providers, counseling these patients can be a challenge:

  • A VUS result raises questions yet offers no clear answers for patients, families, or healthcare providers
  • Positive results trigger cancer risk management plans
  • Negative results help avoid unnecessary screenings and surgery

The resulting analysis and interpretation of the variant database support the Myriad commitment to reduce VUS in genetic test results and ensure:

  • Accurate, clinically significant results from every Myriad test performed
  • Reduced uncertainty for patients and families
  • Confidence for providers counseling their patients