Benefits of COLARIS AP® Testing

The results of the COLARIS AP® test enable the development of a patient-specific medical management plan to significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

COLARIS AP® will help you to:

  • Target increased surveillance and other interventions specifically to individuals with the APC or MYH gene mutations€”maximizing patient care and increasing clinical efficiency
  • Improve patient compliance with tailored screening recommendations and preventive measures
  • Significantly improve outcomes and reduce medical costs through early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, should it develop
    • An individual’s risk for developing colorectal cancer can be reduced by nearly 100% with appropriate preventive measures in FAP86
  • Counsel patients and their family members on the underlying cause of the cancer or adenomas
  • Avoid unnecessary interventions involving family members who do not test positive for the mutation(s) known to be in the family
  • Differentiate between AFAP, MAP, and Lynch syndrome