Genetic Testing

Does Cancer Run In Your Family?

Mutations or variations in genes passed from parent to child can drastically raise the risk of cancer €“ in fact, certain inherited syndromes lead to nearly a 100% chance of getting certain types of cancer.

Fortunately, knowing if you and your family are at risk allows you and your healthcare provider to take action against hereditary cancer and take steps to significantly reduce your risk. If your family has a history of the disease, Myriad’s genetic tests can identify if you have certain genetic variations that can cause inherited cancers.

To help assess whether you might be a candidate for testing, you can take the Hereditary Cancer Quiz . This quiz can help you get the information you need to discuss your risk of cancer with your healthcare provider and ask for further evaluation. If you take the quiz and find indicators in your own history or your family history, you may benefit from hereditary cancer testing.

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How Aggressive Is Your Cancer?

Prognostic tests can help you and your healthcare provider understand the biology of your tumor by looking at the level of expression in certain genes. This is the basis for Myriad’s Prolaris® testing as well as a number of additional tests Myriad has in development for lung, bladder and kidney cancers. The goal with these prognostic tests is to better predict disease outcome, thereby optimizing treatment and decision making.

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