The Myriad myRisk® Hereditary Cancer test is a 35-gene panel that identifies an elevated risk for eight hereditary cancers:Myriad myRisk eight primary cancer sites

Myriad myRisk captures more mutation carriers than BRACAnalysis ® and COLARIS® combined. Studies have shown that testing with Myriad myRisk increases mutation detection between 40 and 50 percent. Myriad myRisk also includes breast cancer riskScore® for certain patients. riskScore is a groundbreaking breast cancer risk-prediction tool. Scroll below to learn more.

“Clear Insight into Risk, Clear Direction for Patients”

A scientific advancement that will revolutionize hereditary cancer testing and patient care, Myriad myRisk:

  • Blends genetic testing status AND personal/family cancer history into clinically actionable risk assessment and follow-up;
  • Provides specific medical management recommendations for patients who test positive or negative based on the guidelines of leading professional medical societies; and
  • Provides a test report that is simple, clear and easy to use.

Clear and Actionable Direction

The Myriad myRisk report provides recommendations for managing patients with either positive or negative genetic results.

Every Myriad myRisk test report includes:

  • The Myriad myRisk Genetic Test Result and
  • The Myriad myRisk Management Tool – a personalized cancer risk and management guide based on professional medical society guidelines.

riskScore®: a groundbreaking breast cancer risk-predication tool riskScore

The riskScore precision medicine tool is clinically validated to predict a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer using clinical risk factors and genetic-markers. It provides women with their remaining lifetime and 5-year risk for developing breast cancer.


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