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What is myPath Melanoma?

Myriad Genetic Laboratories has developed myPath® Melanoma, a clinically validated test to be used as an adjunct to histopathology when the distinction between a benign nevus and a malignant melanoma cannot be made confidently by histopathology alone. The test measures the expression of 23 genes by qRT-PCR methodology and distinguishes melanoma from nevi with a sensitivity of 90-94% and a specificity of 91-96%. 1

The myPath Melanoma test measures 23 genes for which expression patterns differ between malignant melanoma and benign nevi. These genes are involved in cell differentiation, cell signaling, and immune response signaling.
myPath Melanoma is currently available to dermatopathologists throughout the country.

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The genes included in myPath Melanoma testing are:

  • PRAME a single gene involved in cell differentiation
  • S100A7, S100A8, S100A9, S100A12 and PI3, a group of genes involved in multiple cell signaling pathways
  • CCL5, CD38, CXCL10, CXCL9, IRF1, LCP2, PTPRC and SELL involved in tumor immune response signaling
  • Nine housekeeping genes that are measured to normalize RNA expression for analysis

Gene Components

Housekeeping genes included: CLTC, MRFAPI, PPP2CA, PSMA1, RPL13A, RPL8, RPS29, SLC25A3, and TXNLI

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1. Clarke L et al. Clinical validation of a gene expression signature that differentiates benign nevi from malignant melanoma J Cutan Pathol 2015; 42:244-252.